A leader in proven strategies for treating pediatric feeding disorders.

The Pediatric Feeding Institute provides workshops and training seminars in the area of pediatric feeding disorders. PFI follows the TR-eatTM model (Transdisciplinary Effective Assessment and Treatment) for working with children presenting with feeding problems.

We educate healthcare professionals about the incidence and etiology of this problem. PFI also offers training in treatment interventions through workshops, seminars and on-site consultation.

We have been conducting the workshop “Mealtime Miseries” throughout the US and Canada since 2007. Our research in the area of pediatric feeding disorders has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

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"Our 8-year-old son with autism had had feeding therapy since age 2. We had tried a purely behaviorial method and a purely sensory-based method. Neither was successful. No therapist could control his feeding jags, and his aversion to texture increased to the point that he refused to ingest anything other than Pediasure. The TR-eatTM method got him eating again. TR-eatTM is the only method that took his developmental abilities into account, which meant that he was not being asked to eat foods that were physically difficult for him to eat. After 9 weeks with the TR-eatTM method, our son was eating 35 types of purees. Our son now enjoys eating a variety of nutritious foods and is constantly incorporating new foods into his diet. He also has an oral-motor program to develop his strength and control for chewing. I am confident that he will not lapse into food jags again."

- Sarah T., parent