A leader in proven strategies for treating pediatric feeding disorders.

The Pediatric Feeding Institute provides workshops and training seminars in the area of pediatric feeding disorders. PFI follows the TR-eatTM model (Transdisciplinary Effective Assessment and Treatment) for working with children presenting with feeding problems.

We educate healthcare professionals about the incidence and etiology of this problem. PFI also offers training in treatment interventions through workshops, seminars and on-site consultation.

We have been conducting the workshop “Mealtime Miseries” throughout the US and Canada since 2007. Our research in the area of pediatric feeding disorders has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

"When our son arrived at the feeding clinic, he was no stranger to hardship and obstacles.  Graham and his twin brother Davis were born at 26 weeks gestation and weighed only two pounds each.  Graham suffered from a host of medical set backs and he failed to thrive.  He underwent a Funduplication surgery to stop his severe reflux and received a Mickey Button/ Feeding Tube to meet his nutritional needs.  Graham was unable to eat or drink.  The stress and heartbreak of not being able to feed our baby was devastating. When Graham entered the Feeding Program , our spirits were broken. We feared that our child would refuse to eat for life.  Graham was unable to swallow a drop of milk.  When he was presented with a pea size spoonful of yogurt, he would gag uncontrollably.  I remember being so overwhelmed and defeated.  Graham began  treatment with Occupational Therapist Carol Elliott.  From the day they met , Carol was able to forge a special  bond that eventually grew into Graham’s unbridled trust, respect and love.  Although Graham’s journey was plagued with medical set backs and surgeries , Carol never lost hope. She provided our family with  constructive feedback and skills that reinforced therapy.  Carol’s dedication was unwavering. Thanks to her relentless efforts, our son eats and drinks like a champion.  His feeding tube is long gone and meal time is a pleasure.  Graham actually wants to be a chef!  Our family credits Carol and the Feeding Program with 100% of Graham’s success.  They not only have a protocol that works but they are special people with big hearts and more patience than one could ever imagine.  Graham is proof!"

- S. Elliott, parent