Elizabeth Clawson, MS, Ph.D., LCP, HSPP

Elizabeth Clawson, MS, Ph.D., LCP, HSPP is an internationally renowned pediatric clinical psychologist known for her extensive work in the field of pediatric feeding disorders. Dr. Clawson is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is able to combine her clinical expertise with research-based outcomes to support the intervention strategies taught in the Mealtime Miseries course.

Dr. Clawson is a Licensed Clinical Child Psychologist  and Director for the Pediatric Feeding Program at St. Vincent Hospital Center for Children in Evansville, Indiana. Elizabeth received her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996. She completed her internship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with rotations in pediatric feeding therapy and hospital consultation/liaison intervention. Her postdoctoral fellowship was at Cumberland Hospital, a long-term pediatric hospital for children and adolescents with brain injury, chronic illness and neurobehavioral disorders.

Dr. Clawson has worked in the area of pediatric psychology since 1992 and specialized in treating children with feeding disorders since 1996. She has been committed to establishing clinical data and research using a transdisciplinary approach that demonstrates effective outcomes across a variety of clinical settings. She has multiple research publications, presentations, and consultation contracts in the area of pediatric feeding therapy.

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