Noah is a 2.5 year old boy born full-term with a history of left congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair, pulmonary hypoplasia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, dysphagia and oral aversion. He was placed on ECMO for 7 days and a ventilator for an additional 27 days. Prior to 6 months of age he also had a nissen fundoplication surgery and gastrostomy tube placement including exploratory laparotomy and lysis of adhesions. He developed a problem with retching after receiving his nissen. He has had … Read more »


Reflux was the underlying cause of Graham’s feeding issues, however allergies, illnesses and medical procedures made learning to eat by mouth more complex. “Our history could be described as two steps forward, one step back,” his mom Sarah remarks. Graham is a twin born at 26 weeks gestation. Faced with numerous complications, he spent nearly five months in neonatal intensive care and once home required oxygen, apnea monitoring and a nasogastric feeding tube. “Severe reflux set in,” Sarah recalls. “Graham … Read more »