Professional Consultation

Professional consultation is available for individual therapists or feeding teams regarding specific cases, specific treatment techniques, and/or business management practices for setting up a feeding program.

Individual training or team based education is offered to help with specific types of cases (i.e., picky eaters or children with autism) or to facilitate a better understanding of treatment techniques unique to the TR-eatTM model (i.e., chewing or texture grading). This can be set up on site or through web based communication depending on your specific needs. We give our full attention to therapists and provide specific answers to your questions about how to implement TR-eatTM model techniques.

Consulting services are available to help get your team started or back on the right track. We consult on all aspects of feeding therapy practice ranging from practice models to business structure. Setting up a feeding program can feel like a road less traveled. Our experience in this area provides a map to guide you. Choosing a practice model, selecting your team members, training staff members are just a few of the important decisions that will need to be made. Finances and billing structure are key components to the long term success of your program. Setting up a data collection and warehousing process will help your practice demonstrate evidence based outcomes. We also provide environmental assessment and consultation regarding the set up of flow of treatment space specific to the needs of feeding therapy.

Contact us to learn more. We look forward to helping your child, patient, therapist or team.