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One chair, many lives.

The Rifton Activity Chair is perfect for feeding, speech therapy, active learning, and for clients with sensory processing challenges. Not only that; parents see what it can do for their child in the classroom and realize how much they need it at home, too. Rifton’s clinical positioning chair has revolutionized active seating. Versatile, adaptable, durable – this is a chair therapists designed.

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ARK Therapeutics manufactures high quality oral sensory motor tools that are durable, affordable, and made out of 100% medical grade materials. We love their products and use them in our pediatric feeding programs. In fact, we love and use their tools so much that we are also an affiliate. We trust all of ARK’s products and have compiled a list of our favorites below. When making a purchase, click on the link below and ARK can see that the sale was made from our website and we get credit for it. This helps keep our expenses down when purchasing these products for our own therapy practices. Thank you so much.

Chew Tools & Resources

Chew tools are an easy yet effective way to promote oral motor development. Use them to exercise the mouth muscles and build oral strength, endurance, mobility, and control.


ARK’s Grabber®  Soft and chewy outlet for biting and chewing


ARK’s Baby Grabber®  Soft and chewy, with a shorter stem for babies

Y Chew Regular (300x205)

ARK’s Y-Chew®  Soft, Chewy, and Textured

Tri-Chew_Blue_340 (300x239)

ARK’s Tri-Chew  Soft and Chewy


Book – Tips  & Techniques for the Grabber® Family  How, when, and where to use these chew tools


Probes and Oral Motor Tools

ARK’s Probe Family is an ideal set of tools for oral motor treatment and sensory input. We recommend any or all of the following products:

ARL Probe (300x213)

ARK’s Oral Motor Probe  For Sensory and Tactile Stimulation

ARK ProbeMini (300x209)

ARK’s Oral Motor proMini  A smaller version of the Oral Motor Probe, sized for babies

ARK ProPreefer (300x300)

ARK’s Oral Motor proPreefer  For Sensory and Tactile Stimulation

ARK Oral Motor Probe Set

ARK’s Oral Motor Probe Set Basic oral motor tools sold together for a savings


Feeding  Tools

ARK SElect Flow Valve (300x144)

                                                      ARK’s Select-Flow Valves  ARK’s Select-Flow Valve makes drinking easier                                                            for beginners and/or individuals with oral motor difficulties. 

 ARK One Way Straws (300x282)

                               ARK’s One-Way Straws  ARK’s One-Way Straws make drinking easier for individuals with                                a weak suck, oral motor difficulties, and/or problems   generating and maintaining suction.

ARK Flexible Lip Block (261x166)

ARK’s Flexible Lip Blok®  ARK’s popular Lip Blok® now comes in two flexible versions – firm and soft.

ARK Flexi Cups (300x209)

ARK’s Flexi Cups – The Flexi Cup’s innovative design allows individuals to drink without tilting their head back.

EZ Spoon Soft (300x127)

                                         Beckman’s E-Z Spoon Designed by Debra Beckman, this spoon is especially helpful                                         for young children and/or individuals with poor oral motor control.

Professional Publications


        Tips & Techniques for the Grabber Family How, when, and where to use these chew tools

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