How does feeding, a process so integral to the child’s health and well-being, go awry? The focus of the 2 day Mealtime Miseries course is on the Transdisciplinary Effective Assessment and Treatment (TR-eatTM) model integrating oral motor therapy techniques and behavioral management for the treatment of complex feeding problems. The course covers innovative strategies, using video case examples, to address oral aversion, food refusal, poor transition onto solid foods, texture grading, learning to chew, self feeding and feeding difficulties related to autism and picky eaters. It is relevant for infants and children through school age. This course is packed with practical solutions and hands on techniques that will empower you with new treatment ideas for your most complex patients. These interventions are systematic and evidence based with research supporting outcomes. This course is appropriate for clinicians with all levels of experience. Live Courses offers more information about this course, list of locations and course registration. Contact us if you are interested in hosting this course at your location.

A 2 hour instructional workshop for parents and professionals is also available for scheduling upon request. This workshop covers an overview of pediatric feeding disorders and treatment options, including the basic principles of the TR-eatTM model. Contact us if you are interested in more information about this informative workshop.

Pediatric Feeding Institute will be offering Online CE Modules. These are short segments of our 2-day course for continuing education. These will focus on specific topics for review of the particular content. In addition, they will offer more in depth detail with tips and examples.